Locations of Mouse and Owl on David's Cottages
One of David's quaint habits is to sculpt a mouse or owl onto his cottages and castles. They are usually hard to find. Here is a list of their locations:
Shown here are the two mice at the top of the steps leading to the green door on Millennium at Horseshoe Bay
15 LawnsideRight hand side wall ledge
Abbey, TheWindowsill on left hand side
Alan-a-DaleOn rear windowsill
Alchemist's Cottage, TheOn right side of building on window ledge
AlmshouseOn top of doorway, largest house
Arches ThriceTop of wall between two buildings at the rear
Architect's, TheOn the tallest chimney
Artist's Studio, TheOn front overhang ledge
Assayers CastleLower ledge rear right hand side
Ashe CottageNext to front door wall
AstrologersRear window sill at right side of bridge
Astrologer's CastleRear of building on window sill next to door leading to walkway
Audrey's Tea RoomsOwl 2/3 up ivy on chimney
BakehouseOn back of chimney after round columns
Barley Malt KilnOwl in ivy on left hand side
Beachcombers, TheSat on prow of boat
Bee KeepersOwl in ivy overhang next to chimney
Berkshire Milking ByreNext to milk cans
Bill and Nancy's HouseSecond floor bricked up window sill
Birdcage, TheGround floor, double window sill left of wooden double doors
Birthday CottageThe base of the arch at the rear on the left
Birthstone Wishing WellOwl near to top of ivy on chimney at rear
Bit of NonsenseRight base, on grass in front
Black Bess InnIn back on tallest stairway
Blossom CottageAt base of pot to right of staircase (in front)
Boat HouseOn top of stone wall to the right of boat shed
Bookbinder (Bookend)Lowest window sill
Bothy, TheBelow base of chimney on rocks
Bottle and GlassOn window sill, middle window over arch
Bottle KilnsOn right front of kilns, in doorway
Brickies, TheLower front window ledge
BridgewaterOn blue ribbon to the right of the "20"
Brooklet BridgeOwl near to the top of the tree
Brookside HamletIn back above the R in 'David Winter'
Buckinghamshire Bull PenTo right of gate, top of wall
Bull and Bushleft bottom windowsill, on side
Burn's Reading RoomTop ridge of chimney
Candlemakers CottageOwl in ivy in nook under the roof to the rear
Caret CroftRight hand side tree trunk windowsill
Casterton Railway StationTallest chimney at rear of station
Castle Cottage3/4 of the way up the ivy at the rear (right of the door)
Castle GateOn the back of the tallest turret-top edge
Castle In The AirOn ledge (between squares) below ivy of largest tower
Cat and PipeTop of chimney
Charcoal Burners, TheAt the rear on wooden beam above logs
Cheshire KennelsTop on right wall
Christmas CarolOn front window sill parsonage
Christmas CastleTop window sill of lower level at rear
Church of the Good ShepherdFront right hand side on stone sill on base of church
Church and VestryIn back on white stepping stone
Citadel, TheWalkway to rear of building
Clinkers CottageRear of building on windowsill
Coal Miners RowIn cave on right
Coal ShedInside--peeking halfway out of left wall on floor
CobblersOn back upper window ledge
Cockers CottageRear of building on windowsill above door
ConstabularyBack upper left windowsill
Cooper's CottageUpstairs on first slated board (in back)
Coppicer's CottageAt the rear on windowsill above tree
Copse ChapelSide window ledge on right hand side of building
Cornish Engine HouseFace wheel, go to right, little building windowsill
Cornish HarbourWharf stairway -- far right on second step
Cornish Tin MineIn back on rocks, below middle building
Cotton MillRight side going uphill
CroftersRight side of rock ledge, half way up
Crooked HouseFront by the cat
Daresbury CastleTop of first domino near largest round tower
Delvers CottageOn floor by entrance to front door
Derbyshire Cotton MillOn backside, on base of round (part of stack)
Derbyshire DovecoteIn window on far left
Devon CreameryOn top of stone wall, right
Devon CombeOn boat seat
Dingle, TheLeft hand side window ledge under the eaves
Dragonet, The FoolsRear casement window
Ebenezer Scrooge's Counting HouseIn front window, second story
Elfin CottageNine and a half mice ?
Engine HouseWall next to chimney on left
Fairytale CastleBase of largest tower in back
Falstaff ManorLower right, smallest window, on top of window
Falconry, TheMouse scared away by the Falcons!
Fezziwigs EmporiumLeft side on upper beam under upper window
Firewatcher's TowerRight hand side, on base sill of tower
Fisherman's WharfLeft hand chimney, left side on shingles
Fogarty'sOwl in ivy under corner of window at rear
Forest Of Dean MineWooden beam on left hand side skirting
Fred's HomeSill of second story window on left side, tallest house
Gallows GateRear, two mice on bottom and top steps
Garden ChapelRight hand side windowsill on roofed building
Gate KeepersBack windowsill of turret
Gillie's CottageInside doghouse, front
Glebe CottageOn far right, in front of door
Gloucestershire GreenhouseRight bench in greenhouse
Good Intent, TheRear of building, bottom left windowsill
Grange, TheSecond floor, far right, inside open door
Green Dragon InnNear large chimney, on rock under middle window
Greenwood WagonOwl 3/4 way up tree
Griselda's CottageUpper floor, right hand side bottom edge of door
Grouse Moor LodgeAgainst building on lowest roof (to the right)
Guano HeightsWooden walkway front right hand side
Guards VanOn rear windowsill -- large window
Guinevere'sRight side of piece in grass near base beside walkway
Guy FawkesAt base of double doors
Haildon HillGround floor window sill on right side
Hall, TheTop of left hand wall
Hampshire HutchesLower right door
Harvest BarnOn only windowsill right
Hereward, The Wake's CastleFront steps, on first step leading upwards
Hermit's Humble HomeIn back, on top of pot, by base of tree
Hertford CourtFront right, top of landing
HogmanayOn sill of arched window
Holly Berry CottageRear windowsill
HomeguardOn left window of bunker
Hopbag and BrewhouseTop lintal above bay window at the rear
Hop Pickers, TheAt the rear above single window
HornblowersAt rear sitting on pipes
Hotspur's KeepAt the rear on stairs landing
House on the LochOn boat seat
House on TopAt bottom of left staircase at cave entrance
House of UsherOn tombstone, left hand side, front of piece
Irish Round TowerOwl at the top of the ivy on the front of the tower
Irish Water MillOwl near the top of the ivy at the rear
JoAnne's FancyRight hand side of rear door
John Benbow's FarmhouseOn top of woodpile
JoineryLowest front windowsill
Kelmans CottagesRear of building on windowsill
Kent CottageLeft side by door frame
Knight's CastleBack upper window on beam (corner)
Knight's FollyWindow ledge on left by the stream
Lacemaker's CottageBack window with half curtain, by curtain
Lancashire Donkey ShedTop of hay bail
Lock-Keepers CottageOn boat, wood deck
Looking for GeorgeCasement window sill on round tower
Lych GateOwl in the ivy above DWC 91 at the rear
Mabon's HouseNear door on right hand side of rear battlements
Macbeth's CastleTop of turret, between grey stones
Malting's, TheLarge stone above rear door frame
Market DayOwl on back of wall in ivy near the top
Marquis Walter's ManorAt the front, on left hand side, curved windowsill
Merlin's CastleSteps on right, facing the rear
Milestone CottagesRear of building on middle wooden ledge in center of structure
Millennium at Horseshoe BayTwo mice at top of the steps leading to the green door
Mistletoe CottageUpper floor at the rear of building on window ledge
Moonlight HavenRight chimney, right side
Mordred's CottageUnder banner on stone walkway at rear
Morgan Le FayFirst floor window at rear
Mr Brownlow'sLower windowsill at rear
Mr Bumble'sAt front of building, on window sill overhang
Mr ClinkersRear windowsill
Mr DelversFront doorsill
Mr FangRear of building on window sill above archway
Mr Fezziwig's EmporiumThird floor window sill on left hand side
Murphy'sOwl in ivy on left hand side
Myton TowerFront of building, right hand side, at rear of curved wall
Observatory, TheFront of building on ledge by the door housing on the dome
October GalesOn boards on the front lawn
O'Donovans CastleOwl in ivy, level with window in back of high tower
Old DistilleryIn back on base of tallest chimney
Old Joe's Beetling ShopBottom of front left corner, on brick ledge
On the RiverbankOn sill of left first floor window
One Acre CottageBack, left side on first step
One Man JailOwl in top of tree, on back of piece
Only a Span ApartOwl in ivy on left side above left corner of window
Orchard CottageOn stone wall, right side
Oxfordshire Goat YardOn right, top of shed
Parish SchoolRear of building, on top of window
Parsonage, The YardRight side, windowsill of steeple
Pavilion, TheOn steps, rear right corner
Penny Wishing WellOwl in "V" between bush and ivy, on back of piece
Pen Y GraigOn floor right hole in back
Pershore MillUnder middle roof on top of wench
Phantom's RuinRight hand top rear windowsill
Pilgrim's RestRear top windowsill on brown beam
Plucked DucksOn farthest right windowsill
Plum CottageIn back, on bricks in front of door
Porter's LodgeRear windowsill, right hand side
Post Office, TheOn the right side stone wall
Potted Shrimp, TheSill of lower casement window, rear of building
Pottery Back of chimney (ledge)
Potting ShedOwl on back, in bush behind wall over "DWC '91"
Poultry ArkOwl on left side, on back of bush
Primrose CottageOn the pathway, under the window at the rear of the cottage
Priory of the Lost Souls, TheLeft hand side, first ledge under the second tower
PrivyOwl in ivy behind door, 3rd slat down
Pudding CottageOn sill of highest window (thatched)
Quack's CottageOn white stones in back
Queen Elizabeth Slept HereOn second stop of stairway, on right
Recluses, TheSat on wooden cross beam at rear
Refectory, TheMiddle wooden beam on right hand side of front door
Repunzel'sWindow ledge next to "The Plait"
Robber's Retreat???
Robin Hoods HideawayLarge tree, inside knothole
Royal Box, TheWindowsill on left hand side above the awning
Saddle StepsOwl on back of tree, near top
Sawmill, TheFront of building, right hand side on wall
Scottish Crofter'sOn right side of right ledge, half way up
Scrooge's SchoolOwl on back, over middle patch of snow, in ivy to left of "Christmas 1992"
Secret ShebeenOwl on left side in front ivy in top crevice
Seminary, TheOn left of roof at rear
Serf's CottageLeft hand side on upper landing, towards the rear of the building
Shropshire Pig ShelterThird log, bottom right
Signal BoxRear windowsill, right hand side
Sir Percival'sRight hand windowsill
Sir Tristin'sAbove front door, on second floor window ledge
SmithyOn flat rock, top on of pinnacle
Smugglers CreekRight side landing, in front of door
Snow CottageBack around chimney
Squires HallTop of chimney, below rounds
Solent FortressOn left cannon cover
St. Anne's WellTop of stone wall on flat curne
St Barbara'sLeft hand side, window sill right hand side window by the door
St Christopher's ChurchOn left hand side on window sill
St George's CastleThere isn't one, the Dragon frightened it away!
St. George's ChurchLeft side, top chimney beam
St Joseph'sOn low wall near church door on right hand side
Stained Glass StudioRight gable windowsill
Staffordshire VicarageBack of cottage on ledge
Staffordshire StableRight wall
Stationmaster's HouseTop step going down to the rear of building
Stale AleRight hand side windowsill behind beer barrel
Stonecutter's CottageTop ridge of middle chimney
Street SceneSmall window, middle of plaque
Suffolk GardensOn greenery, between main building under archway
Suffolk House-pinkBy chimney on roof
Sunday SchoolOn windowsill, left hand side of building
Swan Upping CottageOn back, halfway up chimney
Tamar CottageSmall cave in back, on floor
TanneryBack left building on window sill
ThamesideRight side, second story by flower box
Thornhill ChapelAt the rear of building on door frame
Tickled Trout, TheFront right hand side window sill of dormer window
Tilemakers, TheSecond floor windowsill at rear
Toll keepers CottageIn front, on top of little log bridge
Tom Fool's CottageOn border above guild inscription
Tom's YardFront of building on right hand side gate post ledge
Treasures of EgyptRear of building, right hand side window sill, near archway
TreehouseRear window ledge to the right of chimney
Triple OastOn left oast in roof corner
Truffleman'sOn third step below first floor landing
Tudor Manor HouseOn balcony rail, facing front
Tyddyn SiriolTop of staircase
Village SceneBird in nest behind sign (top)
Village, TheFront house, on top of first barrel, next to door
Watts CottageWindowsill above brown front door
Welstead CottageLedge above casement window
Welsh Pig PenOwl near top of bush on back of piece
Whileaway CottageRight side, on bench in chimney
Will-O-the-WispOn back right windowsill
Wiltshire WaterwheelTop of wall, center
Wintershill (Jim'll-fix-it)Beside chimney pots
WoodcuttersoO far right branch holding top cottage
WreckersAt the rear, under the rock support, in the center
Y Ddraig GochDown step right of middle door on walk
Yorkshire Sheep FoldLeft hand cornerstone of stone wall