The House on the Loch, 1988
Scottish Collection (John Hine)

Size: 4 high x 4 3/4 x 4 1/2 inches
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There are lochs dotted across the length and breadth of Scotland, and some of them are famous indeed -- such as Loch Lomond and Loch Ness. On their banks stand cottages which are similar in style to the crofts found further north, with their squat walls and weighted-down roofs. The difference is that their owners make a living as much from the loch as from the surrounding land.
   The owner of the House on the Loch may have several sources of income. He could be a fisherman -- catching salmon and trout for the local landowner whose loch this is; or he might be a gamekeeper, employed to catch poachers intent on cashing in on the high prices fetched by world famous Scottish salmon. He would know every nook and cranny along the shores of the loch and be able to select the safest place to poach from with ease.
   The House on the Lock? David has not specified its name. However, there is the unmistakable head of a monster to be seen lurking in the waters beneath the cottage, so it could well be Loch Ness. No one has ever seen the famed Nessie's features, so once again David has been free to use his imagination.